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Farnsfield Parish Council

Council and Committee Meeting Dates

Farnsfield Parish Council Council Meetings

2018/19 Council and Committee Meetings

Date Full Council Facilities &Planning Committee Finance, Risk & Staffing Committee Annual Parish Meeting


June 2018


7.30pm Tues 26th

7pm Tues 12th

8pm Wed 12th

July 2018

7.30pm Tues 17th

7 pm Tues 10th


8pm Tues 10th


September 2018

7.30pm Tues 25th

7pm Tues 11th


8pm Tues 11th


October 2018

7.30pm Tues 23rd

7pm Tues 9th


8.30pm Tues 9th


November 2018

7.30pm Tues 20th


7pm Tues 6th


8pm Tues 6th

December 2018

7.30pm Tues 18th

No meeting

No Meeting


January 2019

7.30pm Tues 22nd

7pm Tue  8th


8pm Tues 8th


February 2019

7.30 Tues 26th

7pm Tue 12th

8pm Tues 12th

March 2019

7.30 Tues 26th


7pm Tue 12th

8pm Tues 12th

April 2018

7.30pm Tues 23rd

7pm Tues 9th

8pm Tues 9th

May 2019

7.30pm Tues 28th

Annual Council Meeting

7pm Tues 14th

8pm Tues 14th

6pm Tuesday 28th May

Annual Parish Meeting