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East Side Project (ESP)

At the Full Council Meeting held on Tuesday 27th October, the Council chose to accept, by majority, the "East Side Project Brief Issue 1". The East side project seeks to meet the needs of villagers of all ages ensuring that the green spaces across the entire area are effectively but sensitively used to provide improved and additional recreational facilities. At the moment the council are engaging in a design exercise to find what is physically “possible” within space available, taking into consideration, drainage, flooding etc. As major elements of the design are completed the Council can obtain detailed costings and then make decisions on how to progress.

Below is all the information that the Council has received as part of this project to date. If you have any questions then please send an email to, questions will be collated and addressed at the next council meeting. If your question has been previously asked and answered it can be found in the FAQ’s below.

Inspire Design has been providing highways and drainage design services to infrastructure projects for the past 16 years. The team is divided into the three basic stages of development - planning, design, and delivery.

Farnsfield Parish Council are working with Inspire and their specialist team to:

  • provide overall project management services and specialist engineering design to deliver a concept design to Farnsfield Parish Council.
  • carry out highway and drainage data searches and to prepare a drainage strategy to reduce flood potential
  • create a landscape architect led design of the improve play area, creation of wheeled sports area, greenspace improvements and improved football pitches.
  • produce an architect led concept design of a new football changing pavilion.

" Our vision for the future is to have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of the people within our community. We intend to achieve this by influencing processes to consistently create innovative and inspiring built environments that offer a sustainable way of living, working, and playing"