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Police Security & Neighbourhood Watch

Farnsfield Parish Council Police Security & Neighbourhood Watch

Keeping Farnsfield Safe

Please report any concerns or incidents to 101 


To Protect your own property

  • Ensure you lock your doors and windows and fit good quality locks to your exterior doors. If you have an alarm don’t forget to set it.
  • Modern cars can only be stolen with keys.  Don’t leave the keys accessible to thieves in a bowl near the front door! Take your vehicle keys out of any outbuildings – leaving them easily accessible can invalidate your insurance and makes vehicles any easy target.
  • Lock your front doors if you are in the back gardens – burglaries have occurred whilst people have been mowing lawns or in outbuildings.  It only take 2 minutes to take your valuables and do a sweep of the house.  It takes 2 seconds to turn the key in the door.
  • Modern door bells can send images to your smart phone and have a facility to answer the door bell away from your home address.  Doorbells like these have saved a number of burglaries recently.  They are as little as £200. Thieves tend to ring the doorbell first to make sure no one is in!
  • Advertise that you protectively mark your valuable property with your name and postcode preferably using a visible property marking kit such as Cremark or SelectaMARK.
  • Don’t leave valuables such as laptops/cash/watches/phones on view. Straight away there is a reward for breaking in. 

Suspicious activity

  • If you see something that seems suspicious or feels not right then please report it there and then at the time giving as much information as safely possible.  If you believe that a vehicle looks suspicious or people look dodgy then ring 999.  Police can’t investigate reports hours or days afterwards when they have left.  We need you to help us by reporting incidents at the time. 
  • Door to door sellers are normally not licenced to do this and often have extensive criminal records.  Ex-offenders selling cleaning materials can be legitimate but can also pass information regarding insecurities to follow offenders.  Please report these people as soon as possible on 999 so that Police can speak to them and deter them from being in your villages.

If you don’t report incidents in your areas then officers are normally asked to concentrate on areas where reports are coming in.  Help us to help you by letting us know what is happening in your villages.  A phone call only takes 5 minutes but can make a huge difference to the people who don’t suffer crime as a result.  If the reports are investigated and turn out to be false alarms then no-one gets told off! 



Farnsfield Parish Council Police Security & Neighbourhood Watch