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HP Bench

East Side Story Glade

These log benches and this area have been set aside by Farnsfield Parish Council as a woodland area for the young people of our village to sit and enjoy stories in a quiet environment.

Farnsfield Parish Council would ask all visitors to this area:

Ø To respect its purpose

Ø To keep noise to a minimum

Ø To leave the benches as they were found

Ø To take any litter with them

Story 1 - The monkey who loved chocolate

monkey-who-loved-chocolate2 (1).mp3

Story 2 - The zoo that bit back

Zoo_Bit_Back (2).mp3

This selection will be updated over time. In order to provide the widest variety of stories we would be delighted to host your narrations on the website and make them available for the children of the village. If you wish to participate please contact the clerk at

Story 3 - The vigilante monkey