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Local Development Framework Review - NSDC

By Clerk Farnsfield Parish Council

Monday, 9 August 2021


Farnsfield Parish Council Contributor


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Local Development Framework Plan Review – Allocations and Development Management Development Plan Document – Options Report Consultation & Consultation on the Open Space Strategy The District Council is currently in the process of reviewing its Development Plan, made up of the Amended Core Strategy (ACS) and the Allocations & Development Management Development Plan Document (ADMDPD). Following the adoption of the ACS in March 2019, work has been progressing on preparing to review the ADMDPD. Consultation on the Issues Paper took place in July and August 2019. This next step is to consult on our Options Report, which poses a series of questions regarding changes which may be made in response to the evolving policy and economic situation. In particular we are seeking your views on our Affordable Housing Policy, Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation including potential sites, the ongoing suitability of existing housing and employment allocations, development management policies and other policy content. A new Open Space Strategy has also been published for public consultation alongside the Options Report. Its findings will be used to update the open space summaries in each Area chapter within the Allocations & Development Management DPD. They will also assist with implementation of Spatial Policy 8 (Protecting and Promoting Leisure and Community Facilities) in the day-to-day determination of planning applications, and provide a strategic understanding of open space provision (current and future) across the District. Consultation on the Issues Report and Open Space Strategy will run for eight weeks between 27th July and 21st September 2021. You can view further details of the consultation, the consultation document, supporting information and instructions on how to comment are on our website at Alternatively, all of the documentation has been placed on deposit at the District Council offices at Castle House (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) and in libraries across the District (check for opening times). We are intending to hold some online consultation events during the consultation period and there may be an opportunity for some small COVID-secure face to face events, by appointment only, towards the end of the consultation period. Details of any consultation events will be published 2 on the Council’s website and social media pages. If you have any queries about the consultation please contact the Planning Policy team by telephone (01636) 650000 or by email at Yours sincerely, Matthew Norton, Business Manager – Planning Policy

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