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Conservation Area

Ivinghoe Conservation Area was designated by Aylesbury Vale District Council in 1971 and had not been reviewed since. Conservation Area designations must be reviewed from time to time in order to ensure that they are still appropriate, and that the designated Conservation Area boundaries are up to date.

In July 2014 Aylesbury Vale District Council was asked by Ivinghoe Parish Council to look at reviewing the Conservation Area within the village

Ivinghoe Conservation Area has now been reviewed and this new Conservation Area Designation approved after the statutory consultation period.

Ivinghoe Parish Council Conservation Area

To find out further information please click on the link below:

Ivinghoe Conservation Area

A copy of the document can also be found in the Beacon Villages Community Library and held with the Parish Council.

Planning Consent within the Conservation Area

If you are planning any works within the Conservation Area it is your responsibility to check with the planning department at AVDC prior to starting any work. Failure to get the correct consents could lead to Enforcement.

This work could include

  • new buildings
  • building conversions
  • replacement windows, roof, or any other replacement/repair/new works to the exterior of the building
  • removing parts of the structure of the building
  • tree cutting
  • erecting banners

If in any doubt, please ask.

For further information please go to the AVDC Planning Website

Contact AVDC Planning