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Housing and Employment

Ivinghoe Parish Council Housing and Employment

Housing & Employment is one of topics we are researching in the preparation of our Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Our findings will appear here on the website as we go along and will, in time, provide a strong evidence base to underpin the final Neighbourhood Development Plan document. Research will include:

  • Local housing and the built environment.  For example, the characteristics of the existing local housing stock, the size and characteristics of existing households as well as future housing requirements and needs.
  • Identify any existing local issues relating to housing.
  • Scope out what evidence is already available.
  • Find out about existing plans, strategies and programmes and their relationship to housing and the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • Identify any gaps in the evidence base and consider whether any further research needs to be undertaken or reports commissioned.
  • Identify any local key players on this topic to engage in the Neighbourhood Planning process.

When available, key documents will be posted here.

Your comments.

If you think there is a particular issue we should be examining under this topic, or you have a particular interest in this topic then please let us know by sending us your comments here.


Please check back later, we will upload relevant documents here.