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Geoffrey Moss Rose Bowl


Every year Little Marlow Parish Council presents the Geoffrey Moss Memorial Rose Bowl to a resident of Little Marlow who in their opinion has given outstanding service to the community. The Rose Bowl was gifted to the Parish Council for this purpose by Geoffrey Moss, a former County Councillor and Chairman of the Parish Council from 1975-1980.

In previous years, nominations have been made by Councillors and the person with the most votes has been awarded the bowl. However, Little Marlow Parish Council would like to cast the net widely - they are sure that there are a number of Little Marlow residents who are giving outstanding service to the community but are just not known to them. Councillors therefore decided that we need to recruit the help of residents in finding deserving candidates.

Who do you think would be a worthy recipient of the Rose Bowl and why?

Nominations are required to be received by 1st March annually via email to:

Normally the winner of the Rose Bowl is announced and presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in May of each year.