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The Parish Council meets in The Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Little Marlow except in May when the Annual Parish Meeting takes place in Abbotsbrook Hall, Marlow Road, Well End.

Please refer to meeting start times below. The Parish Council follow government guidelines at this time with regards to COVID restrictions.

2022 COUNCIL MEETINGS All Council Meetings are at The Pavilion from 8pm, unless otherwise stated.

Budget Meetings, Burial Ground Meetings & Environmental Committee Meetings start at 1pm

Planning Committee starts at 4.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings, but whilst members of the public cannot participate, a short period of time is given over to members of the public to air their views on matters directly related to the Parish Council.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the Agendas, Minutes and other documents which are all in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If you don't have the reader you can download it here.


Column 1

11/01/2022  Environment Committee Meeting

17/01/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

25/01/2022  Parish Council Meeting

08/02/2022  Budget Meeting

07/03/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

08/03/2022  Parish Council Meeting

17/03/2022  Burial Ground Meeting

04/04/2022  Planning Committee Meeting   

12/04/2022  Parish Council Meeting                 

09/05/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

10/05/2022  Budget Meeting                             

13/05/2022  Annual Parish Meeting                  @ Abbotsbrook Hall

17/05/2022  Annual Council Meeting                at 7.30pm

17/05/2022  Parish Council Meeting                

24/05/2022  Environment Committee Meeting

16/06/2022  Burial Ground Meeting

27/06/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

05/07/2022  Parish Council Meeting                 

26/07/2022  Budget Meeting

22/08/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

23/08/2022  Parish Council Meeting                 

13/09/2022  Environment Committee Meeting

15/09/2022  Burial Ground Meeting

19/09/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

27/09/2022  Parish Council Meeting                  

11/10/2022  Budget Meeting                             

31/10/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

08/11/2022  Parish Council Meeting                 

22/11/2022  Environment Committee Meeting

28/11/2022  Budget Committee Meeting

05/12/2022  Planning Committee Meeting

08/12/2022  Burial Ground Meeting

13/12/2022  Parish Council Meeting