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B4449/Cycle path



An OCC team is working their way along the B4449 from the A415 tidying the road side and should soon reach Sutton where they will continue through and clean the pavements - this might only be a cosmetic improvement but it is the start of phased improvement. 


The Parish Council have reminded the Airfield developers of their commitment in the Routing agreement not to approach the site through the village. They have replied as follows:

As required by the planning permission, we have subsequently produced a Construction Traffic Management Plan.

Within this document we have specified that construction traffic should only approach the site along Main Road from the south and therefore, no construction traffic should access the site through the village. We have included a commitment that site traffic which attempts to access the site via a non-permitted route will be refused access to the site. On previous sites, we have also (where necessary) worked with the local highway authority to seek permission for ‘No Construction Access’ signage along alternative, non-permitted routes.