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Statement from PC

Statement from Stanton Harcourt Parish Council regarding the August Village Voice:

The PC agreed an editorial policy for the content of the Village Voice Community information newsletter over a year ago, and all PC members signed up to this.

If any logo is placed on this Newsletter the PC would want an inclusive logo and for it to be non-political. A logo that brings the community together to overcome discrimination on all basis and not one that splits it. One that would symbolise and discourage discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, disability, colour, religion or race and one help all members of our community feel included.

Unfortunately, a simple black fist logo suggested by Joe is a utilised by a number of organisations as well as parts of the Black Lives Matter movement. The principles laid down by the movement as well as promoting equal rights and justice for black people also promote some political aims and therefore the movement will be considered by some as political. It is against the Village Voice Editorial Policy to include anything that is political or could be perceived as political. 

The PC operate a sign off process so that we can ensure that the content factually correct, not political or could be perceived as political and that the information provided supports the needs of the whole community. 

Unfortunately the logo was added to the August edition after the Editor had received sign off from the PC.


Stanton Harcourt Parish Council