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Interested in becoming an allotment holder? Contact our Allotments Manager, Dominic Castle Tel: 07836 388458.

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On 9 February 1949 two parcels of land (2.56 and 1.17 acres) above and behind properties on London Road occupied as allotment gardens were gifted by Frank Edward Elgar, Executor of the late Miss Madeline Watson to Temple Ewell Parish Council. The land is managed by the Madeline Watson Charitable Trust on behalf of Temple Ewell Parish Council, who are the sole Trustee.

There are currently 57 separate allotments and a significant waiting list; should a plot become vacant priority is given to those residing in the Parish of Temple Ewell.

Photos courtesy of Jay's Eye View Photography     @jayseyeviewphotography


Madeline Watson Allotments Madeline Watson Allotments
Temple Ewell Allotments
Temple Ewell Allotments
Temple Ewell Allotments