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Chairman's Monthly update

May 2023

It certainly seems that the weather is slowly improving and everything is growing rapidly. However, it is  one of the coldest springs on record. Normally by this time of year I am living in my shorts, but they have so far only made a handful of outings ! I will say though that the cooler conditions have made my various walks on the hills quite refreshing, especially on the days where we have avoided the rain.

The local council elections took place on the 4th May. For Parish Council as mentioned last month were all  re-elected without the need for a poll. The first meeting of the new Parish Council took place in the lower village hall on the 23rd May where we were all re-elected into our various posts for the coming year. This included myself as Chairman and Mrs Kirsty Price as Vice-Chairman.

In the District elections held on the same day David Beaney and Mark Rose were re-elected to represent the local area. Overall, much in line with the national trend Dover District Council changed from being a Conservative to a Labour controlled Council.

A couple of days after the elections, many of us watched the Coronation of King Charles III. It was a joyous occasion with an elaborate parade in London and the ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Even the wet weather did not put a dampener on proceedings. Temple Ewell had a very successful Street Party in Mill Street on the 7th May in dry and pleasant conditions. Around 150 people of all ages attended and enjoyed food and drink, with the Parish Council providing music and free access to Mini-Golf, Giant Connect 4 and Air Juggling Games, plus the tables and seating. I would like to thank Dick for the music, Kirsty and Andy for their help with organising and the various volunteers on the day.

In connection with the Coronation, Parish Council presented a commemorative mug to all pupils at Temple Ewell Primary School and have made them available to any other children living in the village up to the age of 15. If you qualify and have not received one yet, please contact the Parish Clerk Andy (e-mail :

At the same time as we presented the mugs to the children, Parish Council dedicated a flowering cherry tree in the King George V playing field to commemorate the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The school gathered around the site at the bottom the netball court and helped to place a plaque before singing the national anthem.

Also in the field we have had a problem with the Tyre Swing part of the play equipment (you may have seen the yellow tape around it) and hope to have this repaired in the very near future.

We recently had the Annual Village meeting that was well attended and were given an excellent presentation by Kent Wildlife Trust regarding future plans for the Lydden and Temple Ewell Nature Reserve. There will be additional rare breed cattle grazing on parts of the reserve. There will also be the introduction of a Crow like bird called a “Chough” onto the reserve this summer. They will also be upgrading the signage and many of the gates to the reserve plus running workshops for adults and children  in the village in July, especially about the importance of dung beetles !

Kent County Council have agreed to make improvements to the footpath adjoining Dragon Wood and Templeside during the summer months. They will be felling a number of trees with Ash dieback.

We will be receiving visits from DDC Community Roots Bus 10am - 2pm on Tues 1, Weds 13 & Thurs 29 June. Staff will be available to discuss a whole range of DDC related issues with live IT to link to any required information.


Work continues apace on the Railway Bell site and the first 4 houses are nearing completion. Trees adjoining Kearsney Avenue are to be pruned as part of tidying up the site. It has also been decided that the access road to the new homes will be named “Railway Close”


I would like to report an interesting visit which the village received on the 19th May. This was of 6 families from USA and Brazil with the name of “Ewell”. They were researching the heritage of their name and seemed very pleased by their visit.


I am just about to go and cut the grass, which seems to be growing at an alarming rate and will catch up with you again next month. 

Glenn Mousley, Chairman of Parish Council, Temple Ewell


Glenn Mousley - Parish Council Chairman Glenn Mousley - Parish Council Chairman