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GraveTalk online

By Tim Taylor Upper Clatford

Thursday, 18 February 2021


Anna Benefice Ministry Team


" It's far too late to think about death when you're dying - let's do it now".

This was the headline of the Credo article in the Saturday Times on 6th February 2021.

Bishop Graham Tomlin goes on to say, 'the time to think about death is when you are healthy and well'.

We have been living with news of death and dying on a vast scale for the past year, but what do we really think about it and how can we prepare for it?

We are offering a number of opportunities to come and discuss death, dying and funerals in a one hour session entitled GraveTalk which Tim Tayler will be leading on Zoom.

There will be a number of conversation starters to get us talking about the important matters that we may often think about but rarely discuss.

To take part, or find out more email Tim Tayler on at

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