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The All Saints' Weeping Willow

By Charles Eyre Upper Clatford

Monday, 8 November 2021


Upper Clatford Contributor


The Church's Weeping Willow

Everyone will be saddened at the fate of the iconic willow tree by the pond. Most families who have had weddings at All Saints' will have photographs of the happy occasion with the weeping willow in the background. As many will have noticed, it was blown over in the storm last Sunday week. It has now been seriously pruned, but is back on its feet!

No doubt we are all hopeful that it will survive the traumatic event, and grace many more magical wedding photographs.

Here are a few wonderful photographs that John Baxter has taken over the years of the tree in all its glory, and a few more from me, of it down. John has also provided a beautiful video of the tree and pond that he made in January 2020 which he hopes you will enjoy -

Please do share with your friends and family.

The Church Roof Restoration Project

Perhaps this is also an opportunity to encourage anyone who has happy memories of this place to make a donation towards the new roof at All Saints. We have now raised very nearly £100,000 towards the £125,000 needed. we are on the home straight and if you want to make a donation, please click this link!

Many thanks to John Baxter.

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