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Tree Planting Bury Hill Ring

By Wendy Davis Upper Clatford

Monday, 21 November 2022


Local Contributor


I have attached 2 posters that we have made with regard to this year's tree planting at Bury Hill Ring.
One concerns a general call out for as many hands as possible from across the Andover Community to support the 1000+ children who will be coming to plant 1000+ trees over 3 weeks Nov 15th - Dec 1st.
The second is only being promoted in the Clatfords and Abbotts Ann Parishes.
At the suggestion of Andover Trees United to TVBC, we offered to run a Saturday event for local residents who might not be able to help on a weekday. We have sourced extra trees and look forward to working with everyone who would like to plant a tree or two in the new nature reserve.
In the hope that you will be able to spread the word, we really would appreciate your help to ask Clatford residents to give whatever time they can to work alongside the children; helping up to 90 pairs of small hands per session into gloves, encouraging them as they dig holes, serving drinks and biscuits needs a small army on a daily basis to ensure that everyone has a good time whatever the weather.
We would also appreciate your help to remind folk to respect the safety of visiting school groups and avoid walking there during the 3 weeks of planting.
Please note:
  • Everyone who would like to join in should email - for the health and safety of the children and young people, we need to know who everyone is on site and it is therefore not possible to just turn up
  • As parking is limited and as we have promised TVBC that we will ensure that nobody parks on the lane, it will be helpful if those who can walk or bike or car share.
This is a very exciting event for all concerned and we really look forward to all ages working together, in harmony, to take care of our planet.
Best wishes

(no voicemail, please - thanks)

Happy Trees, Happy Planet, Happy People

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