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Update - COVID 19 - Community Response

By Charles Eyre Upper Clatford

Thursday, 1 July 2021


Upper Clatford Contributor


COVID-19 Community Support Group Closure

In March 2020 the COVID-19 Community Support Group was established by Upper Clatford Parish Council to coordinate support to Parishioners. The reaction within our community was truly humbling with a subsequent torrent of emails being received eventually from 170 volunteers pledging their help. Over the following months over 50 individuals or households were supported by volunteers identified within their immediate locality, mostly with shopping and prescription collections, but also providing reassurance in the period of uncertainty after national restrictions were imposed. Volunteers also assisted with marshalling at Greenfields Farm Shop, and with the distribution of donated plants from the Hairy Pot Company.

The requirement for support diminished last year and has been minimal during the restrictions imposed in 2021. It is recognised that we are not yet free of COVID-19, however, following the recent easing of restrictions it has been decided to close the Community Support Group upon which there have been no new calls in the past six months. As a result of the Group cessation, we will be deleting the database, as required under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The Parish Council has found the ability to communicate directly with residents valuable under the circumstances and is keen to maintain a similar database of Parishioners which would be used exclusively as part of a Parish Council Resilience Plan (eg. another pandemic) or to enable the Parish Council to maintain a direct link to Parishioners on important Parish developments. If you would like to be on such a list of residents, please complete the very short form accessed via the link below to re-register on the UCPC Resilience Contact List.

On behalf of the Parish Council may I offer heartfelt thanks to everyone who so generously gave up their time in the moment of need. In many respects the pandemic has brought our community closer together, and it was touching to witness such a benevolent spirit across the community. The recipients of support have previously expressed their enormous appreciation for the kindness of volunteers, and I am sure they would like to echo my words of thanks. I would also like to thank my fellow Committee members for their respective contributions in delivering support to our community, and in particular Charles Eyre for his pivotal organisational role.

Stay safe and let’s look forward to a full return of our pre-pandemic freedoms in the future.

Richard Bennett

COVID-19 Community Support Group

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Charles Eyre

  • 07730 304 290

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