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The Draft Local Plan 2040



Please act NOW by doing the following:

If you have not already, please read the document "Village Future" attached below, which sets out the key issues that your Parish Council is concerned about and on which there is a clear overwhelming support for, based on the feedback you have provided in the questionnaire. 

We now need a strong public response.

To help you participate and contribute, your Parish Council has provided "Guidance to Parishioners" below on how you can respond constructively to TVBC’s consultation. Please take 10 minutes of your time to provide strong public input to the consultation on future planning guidance that might affect development and will impact our villages over the next 20 years.

Then please prepare and send an email with your views to:                      Only comments made in writing and arrive (in either hard copy or electronically) within the 8 week period starting 11 February 2022 and ending at noon on Friday 8 April 2022 will have the right to have comments considered.

Please copy in (bcc) your response to

Keep yourselves informed by signing up to News and Events on this web site, or following the Village Facebook Page

Background - The TVBC Local Plan 2040

Upper Clatford Neighbourhood Plan 2019 – 2029 (NDP) was 'made' following the positive referendum on 6 May 2021. It identified and recorded parishioners’ views on key characteristics, features and issues.  The NDP was written in conformance with the current TVBC’s Local Plan.

One feature held to be very important to the Community is the Clatford/Anna Valley Local Gap (see map below) as it is critical to maintaining our village identity by ensuring separation from Andover.  The planning process has started, which will lead to a revised TVBC Local Plan which will apply to 2040. It is uncertain whether the new version will retain policies on the Local Gap and Local Green Spaces.

Should the revised TVBC Local Plan not include a Local Gap policy option, it would mean our Local Gap status could also disappear. Housing numbers to the year 2040 will be set and sites will need to be identified across TVBC. This may increase pressure on our parish to meet more demanding new housing targets.

The Parish Council have reviewed the parishioners’ responses (over 200) to the questionnaire on the Local Gap, which was overwhelmingly positive on all key issues with respect to its retention.  Our thanks to all who responded.