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Abdon and Heath Parish

Minutes, Agendas, Documents

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Abdon and Heath Parish Council agendas and minutes - 2018 and 2019 attached below.

For minutes and agendas from previous years please contact the Parish Clerk:  abdonandheathclerk1@outlook.com


Parish Council Agenda 2019-10-10.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2019-10-10.docx 34 KB Parish Council Minutes 2019-08-08.docx Parish-Council-Minutes-2019-08-08.docx 35.6 KB Parish Council Agenda 2019-08-08.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2019-08-08.docx 34.1 KB Parish Council Minutes 2019-06-19.docx Parish-Council-Minutes-2019-06-19.docx 35.3 KB Parish Council Agenda 2019-06-19.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2019-06-19.docx 32.9 KB Parish Council Minutes AGM 2019-05-09.docx Parish-Council-Minutes-AGM-2019-05-09.docx 30.9 KB Parish Council Agenda AGM 2019-05-09.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-AGM-2019-05-09.docx 28.8 KB Parish Council Minutes 2019-02-07.docx Parish-Council-Minutes-2019-02-07.docx 26.6 KB Parish Council Agenda 2019-02-07.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2019-02-07.docx 33 KB Parish Council minutes 2018-12-16.docx Parish-Council-minutes-2018-12-16.docx 33.6 KB Parish Council minutes 2018-11-8.docx Parish-Council-minutes-2018-11-8.docx 33.5 KB HMO advert.docx HMO-advert.docx 32.1 KB Parish Council Minutes 2018-08-09.doc Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-08-09.doc 30.5 KB Parish Council Agenda 2018-08-09.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2018-08-09.docx 32.8 KB Parish Council AGM Minutes 2018-05-10.doc Parish-Council-AGM-Minutes-2018-05-10.doc 34 KB Parish Council AGM Agenda 2018-05-10.docx Parish-Council-AGM-Agenda-2018-05-10.docx 28.9 KB Parish Council Minutes 2018-02-12.doc Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-02-12.doc 29.5 KB Parish Council Agenda 2018-02-12.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2018-02-12.docx 32.8 KB Parish Council Agenda 2018-01-25.docx Parish-Council-Agenda-2018-01-25.docx 32.6 KB Parish Council Minutes 2018-01-25.doc Parish-Council-Minutes-2018-01-25.doc 29 KB