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Climate Change

Droxford Village Community Climate Change

Think globally, start locally

Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis (WinACC)

Helping Winchester district cut greenhouse gases to zero

We bring communities, Councils, organisations and people together in Winchester district to respond to the climate crisis and create positive, sustainable change.

Take action! Campaign – join an Action Group – get our mailings – join us.

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint

Energy use in the home is responsible for around 20% of direct carbon emissions, the main greenhouse gas that is causing the climate crisis.

WinACC can help you to transform the energy performance of your home to reduce your carbon footprint, by retrofitting.

Droxford Parish Council statement regarding Climate Change

It is important that all tiers of government/local authority engage in the battle to limit global warming.  Droxford Parish Council has resolved to incorporate appropriate consideration of the impact of climate change in its decision making and communications.   Its website will provide updates of community engagement resources and ideas that may help households within the parish to reduce their carbon footprint.

Winchester Climate Action Network (WeCAN) project

This is a collaboration between CSE, WinACC and Winchester City Council. Further information to follow regarding future events.

The Droxford Footprint Report can be found at the following link: In each of the sections there are some trigger questions to help identify any areas for possible action.   



Droxford Village Community Climate Change

The Environment Centre (tEC) are running a local air quality programme with a focus on domestic wood-burning, in conjunction with Winchester City Council (and three other local authorities: New Forest, Southampton and Eastleigh).    

Their campaign aims to raise awareness of the impacts of wood smoke on health, and to enable residents to reduce or avoid their exposure to this localised source of air pollution.      

The programme is now into its second year, and they have strengthened the health message in their updated resources.  They are delighted to have the support of Professor Sir Stephen Holgate (Air Quality expert at Southampton General Hospital). Their Summer campaign includes suggestions for alternative methods of waste disposal, rather than burning rubbish which can cause significant localised air pollution.

Winchester County Council Biodiversity Action Plan Update - July 2022

Action Plan 07/22 File Uploaded: 7 July 2022 1.5 MB