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Garden Visits

Sandhill Farm Garden – Saturday 4 July 2020

Nothing on the Garden Club programme has been able to happen since early March, including the loss of 2 Shows and the Spring Plant Sale.  But with regulations easing it looked as if we might be allowed to have a garden visit.  Lesley Lopez had organised the visit to
Sandhill Farm Garden so she contacted Andy McIndoe to see if he would be happy to allow members to visit his garden.  The answer was yes.  So a message went round, and there was a high response, not surprising as we were all longing to get out and do something different
and normal.  Lesley ended up with 43 people going to the garden, with a waiting list.  But social distancing and parking arrangements meant that 43 was the absolute maximum.  At that number also the visit had to be divided up into half going in the morning, and half in
the afternoon.
The forecast leading up to the Saturday was dismal, threatening rain.  On the day there was no rain for the morning team, and a little drizzle for a short while in the afternoon.  Neither of us had any sun but it did not detract from a lovely garden. Andy and Ros, his wife, were very welcoming, and Andy gave an introductory talk about the house and garden near it, then walked round the garden with everyone pointing out very interesting plants and trees, their likes and dislikes, and generally giving a feast of information to us gardeners.  The garden has many unusual trees and a large wild flower meadow.  At the end of the visit we were offered refreshments and there were plants for sale.  Several of us indulged.  I am sure all who attended had a great time in a really lovely setting.  Our thanks to Andy and Ros for making it possible.
Olive Hathaway