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Portsmouth Area Talking News

The News (Portsmouth)

This is recorded weekly, by two teams, Blue and Red, in our studio in Portsmouth. Each team reads interesting articles from the daily paper on events that have taken place, a “What’s On” in Portsmouth column and at various Theatres in our region plus a Restaurant Review by a well known Restauranteur and Nostalgia items (these used to be read by Ron Brown who used to write for The News).  The Red team as well as all of the previous also have a column of Gardening News from Brian Kidd, the News gardening expert. There is also a list of Useful Telephone numbers which appears after the closing music.

We have recently connected with British Wireless for the Blind Fund, who have allowed us to upload our recordings to their server allowing us to stream the recordings to you. Click on the link and download the edition. The link marked Playlist is for Sonata users, use the Winmedia link for programmes such as Windows Media Player. We now have a new service in which you can listen directly from your computer, or even your tablet, whether it is android, windows or IOS (you will have to click on each track withe IOS devices), just click on the Web Player version - you will just have to click and listen to each track in turn (unless using an IOS device, see above).

The News: (Blue Team), 17 September 2018, Edition 2006: Weekly, alternate              Playlist         Winmedia             Web Player (New)

This is two weeks recording uploaded at the same time, as there was no-one able to upload the files last week.