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Councillor Domenico Tarricone

Domenico Tarricone was co-opted to Speldhurst Parish Council in December 2022. He is a member of the Finance and Planning Committees and the Air Traffic and Environment Working Groups. 

Domenico was born in Italy and moved to Ashurst in 2021 with his fiancé after living for several years in both Surrey and Hertfordshire while successfully completing his UK and European legal qualifications. He now works for a large European financial institution, where he also acts as a Sustainability Ambassador. 

A keen antiques enthusiast and collector, in his spare time Domenico enjoys reading and learning about both domestic and international history, art and literature.

Believing that the best way to care for something is to give it humanity's most precious asset – time – Domenico is pleased to be contributing to the local community in order to preserve its special character and help it thrive.

You can contact Domenico via the Clerk - his register of interest form is coming soon.