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PRECEPT 2022/23

Each year the Parish Council is required to review the amount - called the ‘precept’ - that it will require from householders in the parish.  The precept is a small part of the Council Tax you pay to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, which they collect on our behalf. We use this money to provide services that neither the Borough nor Kent County Council provide, to maintain a number of community assets and green spaces, and to support local groups, organisations, churches and charities that keep the heart of our community beating.  

Last year, recognising the hardship the pandemic was causing to many in our community, we froze the precept.  At the Full Council meeting this January, Councillors agreed an uplift in the precept for the 2022/23 year. The decision to increase charges at a time when most households are experiencing higher costs of living has not been taken lightly, but we are already seeing increases in the cost of the services we provide and anticipate this worsening. The band D household rate will increase from £65.59 to £69.11 (5.4%) - this is still very competitive compared to other local parishes who charge over £100. 


The Parish Council will, from time to time, consider awarding grants to community projects. To apply for a grant please see the guidelines and application form below. If you would like a word version of the application form sent to you by email please contact the Clerk (this will enable you to type in the form which will expand to your requirements).