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Hedge cutting and overhanging foliage

By Chris May Speldhurst Parish Council

Tuesday, 20 July 2021


Speldhurst Parish Council Contributor


We came into a nice message on Monday morning:
"If its your groundsman who has been out and about clearing footpaths, can you pass my thanks on to him. The path between Langholme Rd and Great footway is great now!"
We'll soon be up-to-date with cutting back hedges & foliage in those areas we're responsible for and others we keep an eye on in the absence of KCC resources. Our Groundsman tackles as much as he can in the part-time hours he works for us; demands on his time have certainly increased since KCC cut its maintenance budget.
So, while we do all we can to keep public rights of way in order, do maintain your own hedges and trees where they border footpaths, twittens and pavements. This really is a safety issue - anyone using a mobility aid or pushing a buggy will know it's impossible to stay safely on the pavement when overgrown foliage blocks the way.

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