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Mickleham Parish Councillors and Clerk

Name Address Phone No. eMail Area of Responsibility

Cllr David Ireland

St Michael's Lodge,

Old London Road

Mickleham  RH5 6DU

01372 379381


Cllr Graham Clark

The Garden House,

School Lane

Mickleham  RH5 6EW

01372 360959



Cllr David Ottridge

11 Dell Close,


Mickleham  RH5 6EF

01372 370332



Cllr Will Dennis

Mickleham Hall Farm,

Swanworth Lane

Mickleham  RH5 6DY

07903 842674



Cllr Andrew McNaughton

St Jude's Lodge,

Old London Road

Mickleham  RH5 6BY

07709 410979



Cllr John Lowes


Feena Graham

Swallows Hill

Fredley Park

Mickleham  RH5 6DD

Parish Clerk

All members of Parish Councils are required by law to complete a Declaration of Interest form to register their financial interests (called "disclosable pecuniary interests") and other interests.

To view the Declarations of the current members of Mickleham Parish Council click here

Mole Valley District Councillor

Name Address Phone No. eMail Area

Cllr Elsie Rosam

11 Swan Mills Gardens




Mickleham, Westhumble & Pixham

Surrey County Councillor

Name Address Phone No. eMail Area

Cllr Hazel Watson

27 Highacre

Dorking RH4 3BF

01306 880120

Dorking Hills

Member of Parliament for Mole Valley

Name Address Phone No. eMail Area

Sir Paul Beresford, MP


86 South Street,

Dorking RH4 2EW

01306 883312

Mole Valley

MEPs for South East England

The Members of the European Parliament were elected by proportional representation to represent the South East Region as a whole.  For a list of South East Region MEPs click here.