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Parish Council Meetings

Mickleham Parish Council Meetings take place in alternate months and usually in the Ranmore Room at St. Michael's Church.

However due to Lockdown restrictions since March 2020, meetings were be held remotely via Zoom video conferencing with Councillors remaining in their homes.

As of May 2021 Parish Council meetings have returned to face to face, with current restrictions of social distancing.

Meeting are opened to the public. Any residents wishing to attend should contact the Clerk at for details.


The Agenda for future meetings in 2022-2023, any draft and final Minutes can be viewed via the drop down selection for 2022-2023.

For Minutes of the previous years, these can be viewed via the drop down selection as well.

2022 - 2023.

The remainder Meeting dates for this year are as follows :

    Wednesday  11 January

    Wednesday  15 March

    The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on  Tuesday 23 May 2023 - pending any follow up from the May Election. 

2023 - 2024.

Following the May 2023 Elections some of these may be subject to change.

    The Annual Parish Council Meeting  - Tuesday 23 May 2023   - pending any follow up from the May Election. 

    Wednesday  12 July

    Wednesday  13 September

    Wednesday   8 November  - followed by the Children's Recreational Ground Trust Meeting

    January 2024  -    TBC

    March 2024     -   TBC