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Woods Bowls Club are delighted to have secured the services of Alan and Susan Monkman who are qualified 'Coach Bowls' coaches for 2 training sessions in May 2022.

Please see the details on the flyers attached.

They GUARANTEE improvements will be made by all bowlers who take part.

Both sessions are 3 hrs long and just £5 each - sounds like a bargain to me!  You can attend 1 or both sessions it's up to you.

This isn't necessarily aimed at our new members, it's open to all (even those who think they know everything!!!).

Flyers will be put up in the Clubhouse, please put your name down if you'd like to take part.  You can pay on the day, but would be better if you could pay Mark Dines at the pre-season meeting or sometime beforehand.  

Any Questions contact Mark.