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Allotments Committee Overview


The committee will manage all allotments owned by Rusthall Parish Council in accordance with the Terms of Reference.




  • Smith (Chair)
  • Ellicott (Vice-Chair)
  • A.Funnell
  • D.Funnell
  • Gripper

Lay members (non-voting):

  • Leon Banks
  • Suzanne French
  • Alan Farmer


Terms of Reference

Adopted by the Council: 12 November 2018

1. The Committee will appoint a Chairman and Vice Chairman at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting of the Council in May each year.

2. In the event of the Chairman's absence the Vice Chair will lead the meeting.

3. Each meeting requires a quorum of 3 Members.

4. The Committee will operate in accordance with Local Government Law and in accordance with the Parish Council's Standing Orders.

5. The Chairman will make a report to Full Council at the next Parish meeting succeeding an Allotment Committee meeting.

6. The purpose of the Committee shall be:

  • a) To consider and make decisions on any matters affecting the allotments with the exception of items clearly excluded under points 7a) and 7b).
  • b) To recommend to the Parish Council appropriate budget provisions for the current and coming financial years for items within the committee’s remit.
  • c) To exercise the powers delegated to the committee on behalf of the Parish Council, as set out in section 7.
  • d) To make recommendations on an annual basis (no later than February) to the Parish Council of any increase in tenancy fees.
  • e) To approve or comment upon actions taken and reported by the Parish Clerk on allotment matters.
  • f) To carry out the annual Risk Assessment and bring to the attention of the Parish Council any identified health and safety risks.
  • g) To manage all aspects of allocating allotments, including maintaining the waiting list in a strict chronological order, carrying out site visits with prospective tenants in order to identify size of plot required.
  • h) To identify cases where tenancy agreements, policies or rules are not being observed and follow procedure for non-compliance. 

7. The Committee has the delegated power to:

  • a) make decisions on behalf of the Parish Council concerning the detailed operation and management of the allotments and relationships with individual tenants but excluding final decisions on:-
    • Rents.
    • Major improvements or material changes to the site.
    • Situations where a dispute between the Committee and a tenant has not been resolved by the Committee and the Council’s Complaints Policy is activated. 
  • b) incur expenditure on behalf of the Parish Council on items of a routine and repetitive nature, where the Committee has already been provided with the agreed revenue budget, in accordance with Financial Regulations, but excluding any items of capital expenditure. The Clerk’s emergency Power of Expenditure may be utilised in emergency situations from a maintenance or health and safety nature.

8. In respect of meetings:

  • a) There will be at least four meetings a year.
  • b) Agenda to be prepared by the Clerk in conjunction with the Committee’s Chairman and to be displayed no later than three working days before the date of the meeting.

9. Working Parties may be set up for specific time-limited tasks as required. Clear guidelines to be agreed in writing by the working party and the Committee, including:

  • a) purpose of working party.
  • b) time scale for objectives to be achieved.
  • c) membership.
  • d) resources needed and point of contact within the Committee for queries between meetings.
  • e)  Risk assessment-copy to be given to working party.

10. Draft minutes will be sent to all Councillors before the next Full Council meeting.

11. The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.