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Planning Committee Overview


To consider any planning applications in the parish and to provide a recommendation to the Local Planning Authority (Tunbridge Wells Borough Council).




  • Edwards (Chair)
  • Funnell (Vice-Chair)
  • Ducklin
  • Ellicott
  • Smith


Terms of Reference:

Adopted by the Council: 12 November 2018

1. The Committee will appoint a Chairman and Vice Chairman at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting of the Council in May each year.

2.  In the event of the Chairman's absence the Vice Chair will lead the meeting.

3. Each meeting requires a quorum of 3 Members.

4. The Parish Clerk will attend all meetings.

5. The Committee will operate in accordance with Local Government Law and in accordance with the Parish Council`s Standing Orders.

6. Draft minutes will be sent to all Councillors before the next Full Council meeting.

7. The Committee will meet when required, to prepare responses to all routine planning matters. Written minutes will be taken to record the Committee’s decisions and adopted at the next planning meeting. The Parish Clerk will be responsible for arranging the recording and distribution of the minutes. All decisions will be relayed to the relevant planning authority by the Clerk. The minutes will be published online.

8. The committee has full delegated powers to make a Council decision regarding representations to the appropriate authorities regarding all planning applications in the Parish.

9. Clear and concise formal resolutions are required at all times to avoid ambiguity in the minutes and to ensure that the intention of the resolution is conveyed to the members for them to vote on.

10. The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.