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MP, County & Borough Councillors

Member of Parliament

Greg Clark

Greg Clark was re-elected as an MP for the Conservative Party serving Tunbridge Wells constituency in December 2019. He runs regular advice surgeries in Rusthall. To find out how you can contact him, visit his website here.

County Councillor

James McInroy Email

County Councillor James McInroy is a Kent County Councillor for the Conservative Party in Tunbridge Wells, serving the West Tunbridge Wells division. He is also KCC's Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Development. Read more about James here.

Borough Councillors

Name Email

Cllr Alex Britcher-Allan was elected as a Borough Councillor for the Labour Party, serving Rusthall. Read about Alex here.


Cllr Dave Funnell elected as a Borough Councillor for the Liberal Democratic Party serving Rusthall. Read about Dave here.