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Rusthall Parish Council Home

Ukraine Welcome Letter.

Included in our Village Directory Section is a Welcome Pack, in both English and Ukrainian for our guests and their hosts.

The TWBC web page has been expanded and the dedicated web site can be found at

A Ukrainian email newsletter is also being put together. The email will be sent by TWBC. To sign up to receive the newsletter, please use the online form:

Thank you.


Rusthall Community Larder 

Please see our news page for further details and also their Facebook page


Rusthall Quick Facts

Name meaning: From Anglo-Saxon 'ruste uuelle' basically means 'rusty well' (see our History page for more detail)

Originally founded: 8th Century (in a grant of land from King Ecberht II of Kent to Diora Bishop of Rochester)

Established as a separate civil parish: 23 February 2011

Population: 4,976 at the 2011 census (estimated 4,996 in 2020)

Housholds: 2,076 at the 2011 census

Total land area: 0.663 square miles (1.716 square kilometers) or 424 acres

Common land area: 6.7 acres (2.7 hectares)

Dialing Code: 01892

Postal Code: TN4

Rusthall Parish Council Home

Map reproduced with the kind permission of Rusthall Local History Group. Printed copies are available on request.