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Council Tax

Your Bill

The Council Tax you pay is collected by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and then distributed to various organisations including Rusthall Parish Council. If you have any queries about your personal council tax bill please contact Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

On average, for every £1 you pay in council tax:

  • 72p goes to Kent County Council,
  • 11p goes to Kent Police,
  • 10p goes to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council,
  • 4p goes to Kent Fire and Rescue Service,
  • 3p goes to Rusthall Parish Council.

Whilst other parts of council tax have increased, the amount of money the Parish Council receives has remained the same for several years.

How your Council Tax is shared How your Council Tax is shared

Rusthall Parish Council's Funding

Council tax makes up 93.5% of Rusthall Parish Council’s funding. The total amount Rusthall Parish Council receives through council tax in 2021/22 is £79,000.

The Council also receives a small amount of money from renting out allotments (4.1%) and hiring out the Rackliff Centre (2.4%). Occasionally the Council may also receive grants from the government, but they are usually for specific purposes and we cannot budget for these.

Where Rusthall Parish Council's funding comes from Where Rusthall Parish Council's funding comes from

How your money is spent

This year the Parish Council’s budget was allocated as follows:

  • 47.8% running the council (including staff costs \ insurance \ IT \ publications \ elections)
  • 19.2% maintaining green spaces (grass cutting \ allotments \ trees, also includes High Street hanging baskets and christmas decorations)
  • 14.5% maintaining council buildings
  • 8.8% supporting local charities and community organisations
  • 8.1% improving highways (including footpaths and street furniture, e.g. benches)
  • 1.6% contingency and emergency funds
How Rusthall Parish Council allocates its budget How Rusthall Parish Council allocates its budget

Both Kent County Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council are capped by law in the amount they can raise council tax. Even if they increase their part of council tax by the maximum amount each year this only covers inflation and other fixed costs. Both have announced that their budgets are constrained. It is likely there will be cuts to local services in the future.

Rusthall Parish Council could help fill the gap, to protect or improve local services. Any money raised by Rusthall Parish Council would be spent in Rusthall to benefit local residents and would not go elsewhere in the borough \ county.

What would you like the Parish Council to do that it doesn’t currently do or could do better? The Council has some money in reserve for a rainy day which could be spent on one-off projects but any ongoing services would need to be paid for through council tax.



Send us your feedback about the Parish Council's budget using the form below. Comments may be made anonymously if you prefer but if you want a reply please include your name and email address. Please remember that we can only control the bit of council tax that goes to Rusthall Parish Council, please contact the other organisations for comments about their budgets.

Parish Council Budget Feedback Form