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Rusthall has three allotment sites:

1. Southwood Road

2. Southwood Road Extension

3. Wickham Gardens.

  • Southwood Road Allotments
  • Southwood Road Extention Allotments
  • Wickham Gardens Allotments

Plot Details

Plot sizes are normally 1/2 plot, 2 x 1/2 plots or 1 x full plot.

A whole plot is approximately 253 square metres and a half plot is approximately 126 square metres.

The annual cost for a full plot is £57.50 and a half plot is £28.75.

Current Availability

1. Southwood Road: None available

2. Southwood Road Extension: None available

3. Wickham Gardens: None available

To rent an allotment plot you must live either in Rusthall or within a mile of the parish boundary. Please note there is currently a long waiting list for all three sites.

To go on the waiting list contact the Clerk on 01892 520161 or .


Other sites that may have availability within Tunbridge Wells: