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Forestry work in Ampfield Wood

By Kate Orange (Clerk to Council) Ampfield Parish Council

Monday, 27 September 2021


Ampfield Parish Council Contributor


This news on forestry work in Ampfield Wood has been sent to us by Forestry England:

Tree works are due to start in Ampfield Wood soon. Trees at Ampfield Wood need space to grow. Forestry England's contractors will be starting work in October at Ampfield Wood, felling some of the trees to allow more room for others to grow and to encourage the wildlife and habitats beneath to thrive. Selectively removing some of the trees is known as 'thinning'. The wood from these smaller trees that are thinned is used for products like garden sheds, fence panels, gates and posts, pallets, wood chips and fuel. The remaining trees will carry on growing. The felling work is expected to be finished by early December, depending on the weather and ground conditions, with the timber still to be collected from the area in the following weeks. Extra care should be taken during this time, people are urged not to climb on log stacks and to look out for lorries moving timber. The aim of this work is to create a healthy woodland with good structure that will improve the resilience of the woods in the long-term. The main forestry access point on Jermyns Lane will be closed during the felling operation. Warning signs will be in place around work areas and it's important that people pay attention to signs for their own safety and that of others. These forestry activities are part of a carefully managed programme and are carried out in accordance with the required permissions. Local Beat Forester, Ben Phelan, explains: "Some people are concerned when they see trees being felled however when sustainably managed, it's a key part of good woodland management. Harvesting trees provides the wood that we all use in our daily lives and helps promote new growth. Thinning lets more light reach the woodland floor which increases the diversity of plants and encourages more wildlife.

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