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These are soft fruit bushes in the following major varieties - Black, Red and White also Jostaberry and Gooseberry. Most grow to 3-4ft high and about the same spread. The Jostaberry (a first cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry that resembles a blackcurrant with a slight taste of gooseberry) has stronger growth and will reach 6ft and maybe a slightly wider spread.

These soft fruits are difficult and/or expensive to find in shops.

At Down Road allotments all grow and fruit well, given some appropriate pruning, watering at dry times and feeding/mulching as recommended. They are also relatively pest and disease free, although they were subject to big bud mites a few years ago.

Pruning is different for the various species. (see advice references below)

Propagation is easy from cuttings. Take a healthy cutting after fruiting (July/August) of about 12 inches long. Remove the top inch and strip off the bottom 4-6 inches of buds. Push carefully into firm but not hard ground in semi-shade. Ensure that the ground does not dry out or become overwhelmed by weeds. 

Advice References

Recipes - some are available in the Recipes pages

Updated 1/2021