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The current weather forecast for Portishead - link

The image below shows actual recorded data on Rainfall and Temperature recorded from three sources. website

Actual readings from weather centre based in the Village Quarter

Rainfall measurements from Down Road allotment.

Figures do differ from all three sites. We don't know where the the climate-data measurements were taken. There is a noticeable difference between the Village Quarter and Down Road. It does vary month to month, but the rainfall at the top of the hill is always higher.  This difference is probably accounted for by the difference in elevation (approaching 300 feet) and the effect of the prevailing wind direction. The Village Quarter is more protected from the westerlies.  It is probably safe to presume that the rainfall, on average, at Beach Hill will be less than that at Down Road.  However with weather nothing is absolute.

If anyone reading this is making weather records we would be pleased to hear about their observations. Send to president's email. 


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