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Portishead and District Allotment Association Limited (Industrial and Provident Society) was founded in 1926.

The Association manages two allotment sites in Portishead. The first being its own site off Lower Down Road and the second being the Beach Hill site owned by Portishead Town Council, but managed by the Association under an agreement with Portishead Town Council. This agreement has been in force, in one form or another, since the 1970's and has the benefit of saving the general ratepayers money whilst at the same time enabling individual tenants, or plotholders, to enjoy financial and other benefits. 

If you are interested in "Why have an allotment ?"  first go to the GENERAL page.

If you wish to apply for an allotment visit your chosen site page first (Beach Hill/Down Road), then follow the instructions, but please remember to give us your NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, and TELEPHONE No. and the SITE that you would like  All information is held in strict confidence for allotments use only to enable us to contact you and is not shared with any other bodies.

Two other Council sites are available to Portishead residents. Information about these can be found on the Portishead Town Council website.         A further privately owned allotment site is available to Portishead residents and is situated at Sheepway and interested persons should contact   01275 874176  or  07970 934590

There are nearly 50 pages of information available on this site. Use the Menu bar to work your way around to the topics that are of interest to you.

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The leaning shed of Portishead The leaning shed of Portishead