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Portishead Allotments Assn


Recipe - Blackcurrant Jam

25 or 26 cm diameter thick bottomed pan - eg Le Creuset

Wooden spoon

5 or 6 normal 1lb jam jars - clean and preheated in oven to 120C


1.2 kg / 2.5lb Blackcurrants - destalked

1kg granulated sugar (I always try to minimise the sugar)

1pt / 450ml water

Knob butter (unsalted)


Add water and fruit to pan - the water will be visible just below the top of the fruit

Bring up to a gentle boil - check fruit not sticking to bottom of pan

Reduce to a simmer and gently stir, occasionally, to keep fruit and froth mixed

Simmer/ gentle boil for 20m

Pre-warm and add sugar slowly making sure it is fully dissolved before the next lot added

(You may be able to get away with not pre-heating sugar)

Increase your heat as you do so to compensate

Bring to a boil - it will froth - Add knob of butter

Reduce heat so that there is a controllable continuous rolling boil

Carefully skim off any debris and froth

Boil for 10 mins - there will probably be some spitting towards the end of 10 mins

Check for a set in the normal way

(a visible sign may be a thickening and dull skin appearing at the edge of pan)

Allow to cool in pan for 5 mins so that all fruit can mix evenly in the jam

Fill your jars and seal in the normal way.  Maybe add a spot of alcohol to the top.

JBS  July 2016