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Recipe - Blackcurrant Jam  updated Jun 2020

25 or 26 cm diameter thick bottomed pan - eg Le Creuset

Wooden spoon and flat wooden spatula

Masher (optional)

6 or 7 normal 1lb jam jars - clean and preheated in oven to 120C



1.2 kg / 2.5lb Blackcurrants - destalked

1kg granulated sugar (I always try to minimise the sugar)

1pt / 450ml water

Knob butter (unsalted)



Add water and fruit to pan - the water will be visible just below the top of the fruit

Bring up to a gentle boil - check for fruit not sticking to bottom of pan through this process

Mash fruit if you want to reduce the amount of complete berries in the final jam

Reduce to a simmer and gently stir, occasionally, to keep fruit and froth mixed

Simmer at a gentle boil for about 20 mins

Heat your jars at 120C

Pre-warm and add sugar slowly making sure it is fully dissolved before the next lot added

(You may be able to get away with not pre-heating sugar if you do it slowly)

Increase the heat as you do so to compensate

Bring to a boil - it will froth - Add knob of butter

Reduce the heat so that there is a controllable continuous rolling boil. Use spatula to prevent sticking

Rolling Boil for around 12 mins - (there will probably be some spitting towards the end)

Check for a set in the normal way    (a visible sign may be a thickening and dull skin appearing at the edge of pan)

Allow to cool in pan for 5 mins so that all the whole fruit can mix evenly into the jamFill your jars and seal in the normal way.  Maybe add a spot of alcohol to the top when cooled.



If using frozen berries you may need to compensate by adding water to replace that iced out during the freezing process.
If your resultant jam becomes too stiff after storage try adding a little boiling water and mix in for a looser jam.