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 Abridged Rules and Regulations


During this Covid-19 emergency remember to keep your TWO METRE distance.

All contact surfaces could harbour the virus so wash hands or sanitise frequently

Keep Yourself and others SAFE – pay attention to glass, debris on, or uneven/slippery paths, netting, wire, ends of canes etc.etc.

Keep your plot(s)  WEED FREE and CULTIVATED

Keep all GATES Closed.    Lower Down Rd/The Deans gates to be locked.

Keep all PATHS   free of soil, debris, stones, etc and Grass and adjacent Hedges trimmed.  Keep all paths at least Two Feet wide with straight edges

Keep DOGS under control and preferably on a lead.    Pick up and dispose of fouling.

Keep BONFIRES  (if you have to have one) under strict control at all times.  Keep from annoying others, washing, BBQs, open windows, across roads, etc     No smoking fires, give consideration to those with asthmatic problems.

Remove any ASBESTOS from site

SEEK PERMISSION of the Committee before you erect any structure, shed, store, greenhouse, pond excavations, etc. (sheds not allowed at Beach Hill) 

Pay your RENT  by April 1st each year

NOTIFY ”The Secretary” of change of address, telephone number, email, etc. We need to be able to contact you.


  • Cause trespass, damage, annoyance, etc.  to other tenants and neighbours.
  • Water plots directly with a hosepipe.
  • Plant any trees (Soft fruit bushes are permitted).
  • Bring Household, or Motoring, items onto the site for burning.
  • Bring Asbestos onto the site.
  • Create an access onto the site from your garden.
  • Sublet  all, or part of, your plot. You are the tenant and are responsible.

If in doubt Contact  Secretary        Tel  849415



Updated May 2020