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When does a courgette become a marrow?  Although these are normally different varieties the answer is size.  If you are showing as courgettes then the length should not exceed 6in or 150mm.  For the purposes of a recipe we will not split hairs, except to say that the smaller examples are fresher and more delicately flavoured.

Courgette Soup by Steve Woodhead Aug 2019

2 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Large onion - chopped up

2 Cloves Garlic - crushed

2lb/1 Kg Courgettes - Halved lengthways then chopped into chunks

1 litre Veg or Chicken stock

120ml Single Cream


Heat oil in a pan - Add Onions and Garlic

Cook for 5mins but avoiding burning garlic

Add Courgettes simmer and sweat for 10 mins with lid on

Add Stock and simmer for 25 mins

Then whisk all in a blender

Add Cream and light whisk

Serve in a soup bowl, top with Parmesan cheese and a chunk of crusty bread


Courgette Tagliatelle  (Serves 4)

4 Tbsp Olive Oil 

2 cloves Garlic (flattened with back of knife)

3 large Courgettes - cut into 3in (7.5cm) lengths, then quarter lengthways, remove any seeds, cut into thin strips

250gm Tagliatelle (or sub. Spaghetti)

½ lemon, juice of, and some Zest

4 Sprigs Mint leaves torn up

25gm Parmigiano grated (sub. Parmesan, Grana padano)

4 Tbsp Ricotta (sub. Goat’s cheese, sour cream)

Chilli Flakes to serve if required


Heat Oil and Garlic over low heat

Add Courgette Strips, season, cook gently 10 mins

Meanwhile cook Pasta in boiling salted water (see packet instructions)

Before draining off pasta water increase heat in courgette add 1 ladle pasta cooking water

Add drained pasta, then lemon zest and juice, mint and parmigiano

Toss together to combine

Divide up onto serving plates and add dollops of ricotta

Add extra parmigiano and chilli flakes to taste





Courgette Soup Courgette Soup