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This section is for members to pass on recipes for their allotment produce that they themselves have proven the recipe to be particularly successful.     Please do not just copy one of the regularly available recipes from the internet, or books, but one you have tried and modified.

We all produce surpluses in the height of the growing season.  We can pass on produce to friends and deserving cases but so often surplus produce just goes past its best on the allotment.  So if we can find new ways to enjoy it, conserve it, or store it for future use this is your opportunity to share your proven ways.  Remember those courgette, beetroot, runner bean, parsnip, strawberry, etc., surpluses?

If you need a stimulus to start, then go to the following site run by John Harrison and his wife, for a whole range of allotment produce recipes.

Now see the individual sub pages for recipes vouched for by our members.

Updated Aug 2019