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When it gets to late March and April we always seem to have leeks that are past their best, but too good to just compost. So here is a way to rejuvenate some.


Recipe - Leek and Potato Bake  (Based on a Chris Waite recipe)   May 2020

Serves 4 persons

2 litre capacity Pyrex dish



Potatoes 500g (new or old) - if old peel first

Leeks 400g after slicing finely

For the sauce

Mature Cheddar Cheese 4oz grated

Milk 300ml

Butter 1oz

Flour 2 tbsp

Salt and pepper

Herbs of your choice chopped finely (eg mixed dried, or coriander, or turmeric, or parsley, or rosemary)

Breadcrumbs (Brown - end slice of loaf blitzed)


Potatoes,  slice very thinly and evenly

Leeks ,wash, trim ends, slice lengthways, remove old core, slice across thinly and rise clean, then drain.

Make sauce, heat butter, add milk, combine in flour, then add half the cheese to make a smooth sauce and season with pepper and salt.

Now layer up - Layer half the potatoes into a Pyrex dish, spread a pinch of salt over them.

Layer half the sliced leeks

Cover the leeks with half the sauce and spread evenly over the top,

Layer remainder of potatoes, pinch of salt, the remainder of the leeks and then the remainder of the sauce.

Cover with the remainder of the cheese and sprinkle on your herbs (if required) 

Cover evenly with your breadcrumbs

Cook at 180C for approx. 35-40 mins, check potato is cooked through and the top is browned and crisp.

See photo


Leek and Potato Bake Leek and Potato Bake