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President's Cups

The 2022 President's cups.

Beach Hill - the award this year goes to a lady. A lady who has not been with us for very long but in the time that she has been with us has made a very positive contribution.  She transformed the plot she took over and has been getting some excellent produce from it.  She has produced a drone video for each site which are on our website.  She is - Rasa Sykes

Down Road - This year's award goes to a gentleman, whose plot would be a serious contender in any year. His dedication to our allotments is without question, whether it is mowing, defining edges of relet plots, making new plotholders welcome with advice and help or just fixing things that need fixing. He has been a member for some 55yrs, maybe longer, and is our longest serving member. He has won the award several times before and is an example to us all.  He is of course - Cliff Biddle