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Strawberry Jam (this is a quick recipe)

24cm pan solid base (eg Le Creuset) Jam pan

Wooden spoon/Flat wooden spatula



        Fresh                                                                                                       Frozen (last years surplus?)

1.5lbs (hulled, washed and rinsed) ripe Strawberries                               2.5lbs (surplus ice removed)

1.25lbs granulated sugar - We prefer jam not too sweet)                         2.5lbs Sugar

1 sachet (24g) Tate and Lyle Pectin                                                          1 sachet (24g) Tate and Lyle Pectin


Cut up Strawberries into small pieces (¼ inch), load into pan                    No need to cut up

In the meantime heat up 3x (450g) jars up to 120C to sterilise.                   5-6 Jars

Apply gentle heat and mash down fruit leaving a few unmashed

Add pectin powder into the sugar and blend

Add blended sugar into cooking strawberries, in stages, making sure all sugar dissolved

Occasional stir to prevent sticking

Bring to a rapid boil and hold there for 8-10 mins

Check for a set

When setting - Remove from heat.  Allow to cool for 10 mins so that pieces of fruit will evenly distribute.

Fill jars and seal in the normal way.


June 2019 updated 2020