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Portishead Allotments Assn


Strawberry Jam (this is a quick recipe)

24cm pan solid base (eg Le Creuset)

Wooden spoon


2x 450g Jars


1.5lbs (hulled, washed and rinsed) ripe Strawberries

1.25lbs granulated sugar - (We prefer jam not too sweet)

1 sachet (24g) Tate and Lyle Pectin (added into sugar)


Cut up Strawberries into small pieces (Quarter then halve each piece - ¼ inch), load into pan

Apply gentle heat and mash down fruit leaving a few unmashed

Add pectin powder into the sugar and blend

Add blended sugar into cooking strawberries, in stages, making sure all sugar dissolved

Bring to a rapid boil and hold there for 5 mins

Check for a set

When setting - Remove from heat.  Allow to cool for 15 mins

In the meantime heat up 2x (450g) jars up to 120C to sterilise.

Fill jars and seal in the normal way.


June 2019 JBS