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Healthwatch Shropshire

By Wendy Richards Stoke St Milborough Parish Council

Wednesday, 14 October 2020


Stoke St Milborough Parish Council Contributor


Healthwatch Shropshire are working with Healthwatch Telford & Wrekin to gather patient, family and carer experiences of several areas of health care during the pandemic. We want to hear about what is working well and where things could be improved so that lessons can be learnt and changes made to improve processes and patient experience.

Hospital Discharge

Since March hospitals have been working closely with community health, social care partners and local councils to improve the discharge process. Triggered by Covid-19, the aim has been to make sure no one is in hospital longer than they need to be.

We are gathering people’s experience of discharge under the current arrangements and have worked with local hospital trusts, the Clinical Commissioning Group and Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Councils to develop a short questionnaire.

We want to hear about what is working well and where the experience of leaving hospital could be improved.

Out of hours Palliative Care

We would like to know about the experiences of those who have received 'out of hours' palliative care since the beginning of March 2020. Out of hours is during evenings, weekends (from Friday evening to Monday morning), and public holidays.

We would like to gain an understanding of the needs and experiences of palliative care patients and their carers in order to help ensure that out-of-hours care is both effective and efficient.

If you or any of your family, friends or contacts have had experiences, good and not so good, and are willing to share them it would be very helpful.

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Wendy Richards

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