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Questionnaire - results 1 (adult questionnaire)

 Stoke St Millborough - Adults  
 In which part of the Parish do you live?    
  Stoke St Millborough    56 (56.6%)    
  Hopton Changford    9 (9.1%)    
  Cleedownton    12 (12.1%)    
  Cleestanton    10 (10.1%)    
  Blackford    13 (13.1%)  
 Do you live in:    
  The open countryside    43 (75.4%)    
  A village    14 (24.6%)  
 How many people are there in your household in these age groups?    
 0-10...  16     
 11-15   8     
 16-18   5     
 19-25   10    
 26-35   13     
 36-55   44     
 56-69   47     
 70+   35   
 Housing and Development - Do you think we should have:    
Q1 A small number of affordable houses?    
  Strongly agree    33 (34.4%)    
  Agree    43 (44.8%)    
  Not certain    3 (3.1%)    
  Disagree    8 (8.3%)    
  Strongly disagree    9 (9.4%)  
Q2 A small number of housing association houses (social housing)?    
  Strongly agree    15 (16.0%)    
  Agree    26 (27.7%)    
  Not certain    14 (14.9%)    
  Disagree    15 (16.0%)    
  Strongly disagree    24 (25.5%)  
Q3 A small number of open market houses?    
  Strongly agree    14 (15.2%)    
  Agree    26 (28.3%)    
  Not certain    17 (18.5%)    
  Disagree    18 (19.6%)    
  Strongly disagree    17 (18.5%)  
Q4 Facilities for small scale employment i.e. workshops/studios?    
  Strongly agree    28 (30.1%)    
  Agree    35 (37.6%)    
  Not certain    23 (24.7%)    
  Disagree    5 (5.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    2 (2.2%)  
 Do you agree with the following statements:    
Q5 Any association tenants must meet the same local criteria as for affordable houses i.e. local connections
  Strongly agree    42 (44.2%)    
  Agree    39 (41.1%)    
  Not certain    10 (10.5%)    
  Disagree    3 (3.2%)    
  Strongly disagree    1 (1.1%)  
Q6 Any 'affordable houses' should be located singly, not grouped    
  Strongly agree    32 (33.0%)    
  Agree    31 (32.0%)    
  Not certain    21 (21.6%)    
  Disagree    12 (12.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    1 (1.0%)  
 I or a member of my family may be interested in either of these now or in the future:    
Q7 An affordable house
  Strongly agree    22 (23.2%)    
  Agree    19 (20.0%)    
  Not certain    12 (12.6%)    
  Disagree    21 (22.1%)    
  Strongly disagree    21 (22.1%)  
Q8 Housing association houses    
  Strongly agree    4 (4.4%)    
  Agree    9 (10.0%)    
  Not certain    13 (14.4%)    
  Disagree    31 (34.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    33 (36.7%)  
 Further comments    
? The price of houses should ideally be related to cost. This is made a nonsense of by inadequate supply so the price goes up. Interfering with the market has in the past been unsuccessful and will, in my view, never solve the perceived problem 
? Housing association homes only for agricultural related locals. Small scale employment facilities for diversification only. This is an agricultural area of outstanding beauty and only development related to such should be considered it is not suitable for industrial of any sort 
? There is a national housing shortage and South Shropshire will have to share in solving this - but not disproportionally 
? This levy or development tax is wrong. It is a huge mistake, preventing houses being built, thus holding back house building 
? Affordable homes and housing association homes - as well or either/or? (re Qus 1-2). Grouping - depends how many, group of 2 or 3 would be ok 
? I believe that the people who take up 'social housing' would want more facilities than our parish offers. 
? Qu6 - doesn't that make them more expensive to build. Qu7 - depends on criteria. Open Market Housing - I'm not quite sure how that works - who pays the extra £10,000 
?SSM is a small and relatively remote community with limited infrastructure, facilities and employment opportunities locally therefore I would not suggest the building of a significant number of new houses 
? More weight should be given to local opinions regarding any proposed development 
? Qu 1 - Compatible architecture critical. Qu 4 - architectural style crucial. 
? Architecture of any new houses must be sympathetic to old local buildings 
? Qu 3 - what does this mean? 
? I do not think the levy should be charged, country needs more houses 
? A limited number of homes is important to keep or encourage people to live here, otherwise the villages will gradually decline 
? Not sure about that, just adds cost to everything 
? My family have built an affordable house, it is a good policy  
 The Village Hall    
Q9 I make use of the village hall    
  Strongly agree    21 (23.9%)    
  Agree    45 (51.1%)    
  Not certain    8 (9.1%)    
  Disagree    10 (11.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    4 (4.5%)  
Q10 I would like to see more social events in the village hall    
  Strongly agree    16 (17.4%)    
  Agree    42 (45.7%)    
  Not certain    28 (30.4%)    
  Disagree    3 (3.3%)    
  Strongly disagree    3 (3.3%)  
Q11 I would like to see more sporting events at the village hall    
  Strongly agree    15 (16.9%)    
  Agree    32 (36.0%)    
  Not certain    33 (37.1%)    
  Disagree    5 (5.6%)    
  Strongly disagree    4 (4.5%)  
Q12 I would like to see more children's events at the village hall    
  Strongly agree    23 (25.0%)    
  Agree    38 (41.3%)    
  Not certain    26 (28.3%)    
  Disagree    2 (2.2%)    
  Strongly disagree    3 (3.3%)  
 What would you like to see the village hall used for?    
? Anything local people or others are prepared to pay for 
? Social, domestic, pleasure, leisure, sport etc. 
? Rural craft demonstrations 
? I would like to see it being used as often and for as wide range of activities as possible but these things have to be sustainable/supported by the community and this is where things fall down (e.g. flicks in the sticks) 
? Films 
? Local showing of films/videos 
? Teenagers Sports clubs 
? Only use village hall occasionally - ticked agree in response to qu 9 
? Don't live close enough to this hall to make a comment really 
? Some years ago we had film shows in the hall - could we have some again? 
? Aren't all events and ideas dependant on the volunteers and expertise of local volunteers to run them, therefore it depends on local 'get up and go'! Anyone can organise a sporting event say, now, if they wanted to! 
? Social dancing 
? Ceili dancing (parking at our village hall is a bit limited) 
? Varying keep fit classes if financially viable to attend 
? Country market (or in Church), local folks selling/bartering excess and some local producers? 
? Well used already 
? Private parties, weddings, birthdays 
? It seems to be used all right as it is 
? The local community 
? Computer classes 
? Flicks in the Sticks 
? Arts activities  
 The Environment    
Q13 I am happy with the condition of my environment bearing in mind that the parish is in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty    
  Strongly agree    46 (47.4%)    
  Agree    45 (46.4%)    
  Not certain    4 (4.1%)    
  Disagree    1 (1.0%)    
  Strongly disagree    1 (1.0%)  
Q14 The present condition of our footpaths/bridlepaths is acceptable    
  Strongly agree    11 (11.3%)    
  Agree    45 (46.4%)    
  Not certain    16 (16.5%)    
  Disagree    17 (17.5%)    
  Strongly disagree    8 (8.2%)    
  Do you have any specific issues? ?     
? Shropshire Way overgrown 
? Broken down stiles 
? Not useable due to poor drainage and farming 
? Farmers allowing stock to graze where footpaths cross their land particularly cattle with calves for dog owners this is potentially dangerous even with dogs on leads 
? Only loose dogs 
? Did a sponsored walk recently over Brown Clee. A number of footpaths were badly overgrown/suffering from water erosion 
? Gates that don't open 
? Footpaths are not fully way marked, some have been purposely blocked. It is almost impossible to follow a path where I live 
? Many stiles and paths are not maintained at all and are unusable 
? Stiles definitely not dog friendly and some difficult for human walkers 
? Illegal diversion of a footpath by a local landowner. Poor condition of some stiles, paths not kept open across cultivated land. 
? Many poorly signposted or have been diverted 
? New arrows/signposts needed in area 
? I see it as my responsibility if I use them to make them passable! There is a path near us that is guarded by a very fierce dog - don't know what to do about that!! 
? Signs need doing 
? Upper section of bridle path from Shortwood Cottage to the Toot needs groundworks. Newton Cottage bridle path is overgrown with thorn 
? One or two local footpaths are 'unusable for differing reasons' 
? Bridleways are generally poor - more maintenance 
? Shropshire Way from Blackford Road tap to top is almost impassable 
? Shropshire Way/Jack Mytton Way that crosses Thorn Lane that needs to be cut back  
Q15 I think that there is scope for more use of the 'Pound' in Stoke St. Millborough (adjacent to the church) which is owned by the Parish    
  Strongly agree    6 (6.6%)    
  Agree    24 (26.4%)    
  Not certain    50 (54.9%)    
  Disagree    6 (6.6%)    
  Strongly disagree    5 (5.5%)  
Q16 I think that St. Millburga's Church could be used by the community for more secular purposes    
  Strongly agree    8 (8.8%)    
  Agree    23 (25.3%)    
  Not certain    42 (46.2%)    
  Disagree    8 (8.8%)    
  Strongly disagree    10 (11.0%)    
 If so, what are your suggestions?     
? Singing, choir 
? Graze a few sheep as it was intended for animals and sell for church funds at the end of the season 
? The Church is a place of worship and its costs are covered by the worshipping community. There is a village hall for secular activities 
? We are about to improve the toilet facilities - toilet, simple kitchen which will give more scope. It is particularly suited for musical activities/events - very good acoustics - insurance issues/costs, heating etc. would have to be considered 
? Wider range of musical events 
? It's already used for concerts, meetings, lectures would be obvious uses 
? Music 
? Adult and children education, music performance 
? Shop, coffee house 
? Am sure it could be used more, but nor sure what for and what purpose it could serve that the village hall fails to 
? More concerts 
? No water, no toilets! 
? This is a fantastic idea and I'm sure the members of the PCC will look forward to hearing people's suggestions - if they then support them. It doesn't want to be seen to be competing with the village hall though. 
? As long as they are truly secular with no religious content or connections 
? Music/literary events 
? If this is thought necessary, please, please could the secular uses be appropriate to what the Church is about: concerts, lectures, art or flower exhibitions, horticultural events and the like? And if we must have the cafe thing, could it be at the back of the nave? Please could it only be open x days a week and not every day? Could the Church have open days as a Church? for visits or personal devotions? 
? But type of events should be in keeping with the Church e.g. Classical concerts or lectures on local subjects 
? Children's activities - meeting place for discussion groups maybe. We need to move the Church services into the 21st Century to get more people in 
? It is a fabe (?) distinction, it should be used more 
? No loos, no parking 
? Not for us to say - it is Church property and can only be done with the co-operation of the PCC 
? Concerts, yes, we have a good village hall for other things 
? Concerts etc. maybe but we have a perfectly good Village Hall 
? More concerts perhaps, problems with parking cars? 
? Book stall, bring and buy, concerts 
? The Church should stay as a Church  
 Do you have any other suggestions to improve the Parish environment?     
?Yes, groups of community volunteers to tidy up areas that have become overgrown, also planting of wild flower seeds to attract birds and insects 
? Definitely make the County Council clean out the drains PROPERLY (NOT JUST THE ENTRANCE) to alleviate the flooding and excessive road damage thereby caused - particularly Black Ford Road 
? Sort out drainage with water flowing across roads and freezing 
? The Pound is a very small area. The issues is one of maintenance. It could provide a pleasant area for visitors/residents to sit and enjoy the peaceful location, stream, wildflowers, natural setting it does NOT need paving stones/other unnatural additions 
? As far as possible, leave it alone! 
? The 'Pound' - what is this? I've never heard of it 
? Improve the management of roads and flood water 
? Street lighting and villagers to be considerate to motorists by keeping their hedges trimmed regularly 
? A parish cricket pitch 
? Moved here from Sussex last summer with a very well behaved dog (on lead) really looking forward to all the footpaths and can't get him over! Need to lift up latch to side 
? Roads kept well surfaced without pot holes. Road drainage improved for safer driving in wet spells 
? Have to keep balance between maintaining and growing current diverse population with the parking shortages and too much traffic on lane 
? Never heard of the 'Pound'. Car parking space for both the Church and Village Hall is inadequate for well attended events 
? Qu 20 - This is such a tiny, tiny patch, it's hard to imagine what possibilities it has. Shop - is probably not practical but maybe a produce 'market' where people can sell their excess vegetables etc. could work? Maybe Church could 'host' this - say once per month? 
? Drainage (or lack of) causing damage to roads 
? No all footpaths are useable. Cars are travelling too fast on our back lanes. It is too dangerous for children to be on the lanes on bicycles 
? Cut the speed on roads! 
? Qu 15 - which side? 
? Where is the Pound? 
? What's wrong with the village hall? 
? B4364 - needs much better maintenance 'patching' as currently carried out is only short-term. Police need to set or enforce speed limits 
? The verges on the Blackford Road could be better maintained - especially during winter months 
? 13 - Do not agree to ANY holiday chalets - we have too many! Having a holiday park within this area will ruin the outstanding natural beauty  
 Communication and Technology    
Q17 Access to the internet is important to me    
  Strongly agree    70 (72.9%)    
  Agree    19 (19.8%)    
  Not certain    0 (0.0%)    
  Disagree    4 (4.2%)    
  Strongly disagree    3 (3.1%)  
Q18 My current mobile signal is adequate for my needs    
  Strongly agree    8 (8.3%)    
  Agree    20 (20.8%)    
  Not certain    3 (3.1%)    
  Disagree    34 (35.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    31 (32.3%)  
Q19 My current broadband connection is adequate for my needs    
  Strongly agree    7 (7.5%)    
  Agree    38 (40.9%)    
  Not certain    9 (9.7%)    
  Disagree    21 (22.6%)    
  Strongly disagree    18 (19.4%)     
  Do you know the speed? 

?Download at 6-7mbs, upload at 4 mbs 
? Speed irrelevant, not serviced! 
? 1 mbs 
? Ours is 7mbs (Top of Stoke Bank) 
? 1.88 mbs 
? 520 kbs 
? 7mbs 
? 1.02mb 
? 6mbs  
Q20 I would like to see a community website    
  Strongly agree    9 (10.0%)    
  Agree    24 (26.7%)    
  Not certain    42 (46.7%)    
  Disagree    10 (11.1%)    
  Strongly disagree    5 (5.6%)    
  If so, how would you use it?     
? Local services could be advertised along with local events 
? Would be prepared to help keep community website up to date especially regarding information on church/church events 
? Items for sale or free 
? Advertising, business 
? Business advertising, selling, buying 
? Might use website for getting information on local events and local tradesmen could be used to identify people who need help. Swapshop, contact with parish council etc. 
? To see what is on locally 
? Community website could be a source of local information - supplement of the 'West of Clee' monthly parish magazine 
? Is there a need? 
? We could advertise events etc. on it. At present I see communication as a bit of a problem - even when flyers are delivered to each house people still say they didn't know about things! 
? Event listing, local for sale/wanted ads, section for selling local produce (e.g. eggs/hay/straw) some content should be password protected 
? As a link of Shropshire CC website 
? Website use - to check local events and comments from residents 
? To promote events/ideas 
? To hear about events happening in the area, plus any reputed traders i.e. plumber, electrician etc. 
? It would be nice to know about local reputable traders, plumbers etc. 
? House and animal sitting, items for sale/swap, visiting isolated/lonely/elderly/sick etc. 
? To find out what is going on and to inform others about things going on. Advertise things for sale, services etc. 
? Communication 
? It would allow up to date information to be disseminated i.e. Village Hall activities, transport, Church services, road conditions and weather  
Q21 We should support alternative energy projects    
  Strongly agree    36 (37.9%)    
  Agree    31 (32.6%)    
  Not certain    13 (13.7%)    
  Disagree    7 (7.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    8 (8.4%)  
 Further comments    
? Wind farms are unsightly and not for an area of outstanding natural beauty 
? Small hamlet based energy production is possible via cooperatives! 
? I would be in support of both wind turbines and solar panels 
? I would not like to see a wind farm set up on hills 
? As long as not wind turbines 
? Do NOT object to turbines on Titterstone 
? Absolutely NO wind turbines, incinerators etc. 
? Small scale electricity generation via wind turbines is not viable and destroys the visual landscape. We could consider water turbines (as Neen Sollars) as an alternative 
? No windfarms please!! 
? Wind turbine 
? Oil, wood purchase 
? However, I have reservations about wind farms in terms of their aesthetic impact on the environment and their noise levels which impact on adjacent housing 
? At present 'West of Clee' is the local mag but may not everyone gets it. In other areas advertising pays for the printing etc. so it can be free and everyone gets one and everyone puts stuff in it. Ours is a bit exclusive - but I am a believer in if you want something doing, do it yourself and I don't want to do that!! So shouldn't criticise it!! 
? Wind turbines ok but not near houses/bridlepaths. Ground mounted solar ok, perhaps we should be encouraging small domestic schemes rather than large scale commercial ones? 
? Alternative energy projects usually means wind farms or field full of solar panels - both highly inappropriate in an ANOB and ESA's 
? These should be small scale and local 
? We would like better mobile signals and faster broadband. But would gladly do without the former if it meant putting up a mast in the centre of the village! 
? I support but not windmills 
? Wind turbines and solar panels help lower carbon footprint 
? Yes, If it was specifically for local use 
? But no wind farms (2 comments) 
? Don't want wind farms in AONB 
? Wind turbines could be very effective but need to be located sympathetically. Support for energy 'panels' and ground-source heat systems needs to be much stronger! What about heating oil?

? Don't use 
? No windmills, other than a small unobtrusive private type 
? Ample scope for wind and solar projects here  
Q22 I consider the condition of the roads acceptable    
  Strongly agree    2 (2.0%)    
  Agree    32 (32.7%)    
  Not certain    9 (9.2%)    
  Disagree    41 (41.8%)    
  Strongly disagree    14 (14.3%)  
Q23 I consider the amount of winter gritting to be adequate    
  Strongly agree    1 (1.0%)    
  Agree    18 (18.4%)    
  Not certain    13 (13.3%)    
  Disagree    39 (39.8%)    
  Strongly disagree    27 (27.6%)  
Q24 Rural crime in the parish is a cause for concern (e.g. burglary, anti-social behaviour, safety in your home)    
  Strongly agree    13 (13.5%)    
  Agree    29 (30.2%)    
  Not certain    29 (30.2%)    
  Disagree    22 (22.9%)    
  Strongly disagree    3 (3.1%)  
Q25 We should have an active rural watch scheme    
  Strongly agree    17 (18.1%)    
  Agree    51 (54.3%)    
  Not certain    19 (20.2%)    
  Disagree    7 (7.4%)    
  Strongly disagree    0 (0.0%)  
Q26 We should have a 'Caring Neighbour' type scheme to keep an eye on the more vulnerable amongst us    
  Strongly agree    23 (23.7%)    
  Agree    50 (51.5%)    
  Not certain    20 (20.6%)    
  Disagree    2 (2.1%)    
  Strongly disagree    2 (2.1%)  
Q27 I consider the current mobile library service to be adequate    
  Strongly agree    9 (10.0%)    
  Agree    19 (21.1%)    
  Not certain    50 (55.6%)    
  Disagree    9 (10.0%)    
  Strongly disagree    4 (4.4%)    
  Would you use it?  

?It does not call at Stoke St Millborough 
? The mobile library does not call at SSM, I would strongly support this 
? Probably not 
? I do use it 
? Yes 
? Didn't know it came through the village 
? Yes, we would use it 
? I do 
? Probably not 
? Don't use 
? Didn't know - have never used it 
? I do 
? I think it is ok, but its been a huge job to try and find where and when it stops near us - for my mother, who used one exclusively before we moved here. We have had to 'stalk' it (mobile library itself) to get details 
? No 
? Yes - always able to be improved but bravo to them! 
? Yes, if conveniently placed 
? Doubtful 
? I used to use the mobile library at the 3H.S. Pub, I do not know where else it goes 
? We do not use it  
Q28 I have a need for the 'Shropshire Link' bus service    
  Strongly agree    7 (7.7%)    
  Agree    15 (16.5%)    
  Not certain    25 (27.5%)    
  Disagree    38 (41.8%)    
  Strongly disagree    6 (6.6%)  
 Further comments    
? There is little point putting piles of grit at the roadside. All residents are elderly and cannot be expected to shovel grit. 
? Due to modern agriculture and heavy commercial vehicle usage road and hedgerows/drainage is damaged 
? An upgrading of road surfaces and road with the middle of SSM where the hedge has been removed is essential. This part of the village has become an eyesore. The replanted hedge has hardly grown. Huge muddy puddles of water collect here. Something needs to be done to restore the road and the hedge line 
? The £10,000 levy on open market housing is a little unfair on those wanting to build a normal house and may stop development at all 
? Condition of roads - just about acceptable. Rural crime - not so far. 'Caring Neighbour' - should be doing already. 'Shropshire Link' - not yet but maybe. We'd like a post box in Cleedownton! There isn't one within walking distance. 
? Installation of mains sewerage 
? The road side hedges in parts of Stoke St Millborough village are not maintained and regularly trimmed - this reduced visibility in a very hazardous stretch of road (steep gradient and blind corners) 
? There has been a rural watch in the past. Qu  26 I think this should be spontaneous rather than a 'scheme' - as I am sure it is anyway 
? Roads need better drainage and widening in areas 
? Qu 28 - in the future 
? Qu 25 - already in place 
?Qu 24 - theft from outbuildings is very specific to here! Qu 26 - Doesn't this already happen informally? Not sure if 'official' arrangement is good - my mother, aged 90 is vulnerable and wouldn't like 'do gooding' strangers coming checking her out!! She would make things very difficult for them. Qu 28 - I feel ashamed that we have not tested this service. It is valuable and will endeavour to use it 
? Scheduled buses are too infrequent to be of use 
? Would like to see speed cut on country roads including B4368. Website would give crime updates 
? Am willing to help with rural watch or caring neighbour scheme 
? I believe it is important that the local community should provide a good cross section of ages and should be of sufficient size to be viable. A local small shop is desirable for local produce and other necessities 
? Qu 24 - stuff being 'nicked' from outbuildings. Qu 26 - It should be a 'state of mind'. Qu 28 - I feel we should use it as a matter of principle but we haven't yet. It is one of the major reasons people drift into towns for their 'declining years' but if we had 'communal' rather than 'public' transport it could be a different story. 
? Qu 25 - we have one. Roads are appalling. Gritting late. Good neighbours 
? Since many people use oil for heating, a community-based bulk purchase scheme could be beneficial to everyone 
? It is unacceptable to expect elderly residents to shovel their own road with grit. The stock piles deposited by the council on the road side are few and far between. The access to healthcare is unacceptable. It is almost impossible to live in the parish if the resident does not have a car