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PC Accounts

Bank reconciliation – pro forma


Name of smaller authority: ___Stoke St Milborough and Hopton Cangeford Parish Council________


County area (local councils and parish meetings only): ______________________________________________


Financial year ending 31 March 2020


Prepared by________W. Richards_________Clerk/RFO____________(Name and role)





Balance per bank statements as at 31 March 2020:


Petty cash float (if applicable): £0

Less: any unpresented cheques at 31 March 2020

   Clerks wages Oct-Dec 19: £247

Add: any un-banked cash at 31 March 2020: £0


Net balances as at 31 March 2020 (Box 8): £6915

The net balances reconcile to the Cash Book (receipts and payments account) for the year, as follows:


Opening Balance 1 April 2019 (Prior year Box 8): £8749

Add: Receipts in the year: £3936

Less: Payments in the year: £2101

Closing balance per cash book [receipts and payments book] as at 31 March 2020 (must equal net balances above – Box 8)


Exercise of public rights 2020 Exercise of public rights 2020