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PC Minutes

PC Minutes

Minutes will be attached on these pages shortly after Parish Council meetings.

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The virtual Meeting of Stoke St Milborough Parish Council to be held via Zoom:

Thurs. 10th Sept. 8:00pm

when prior to the meeting members of the public are invited to raise matters of interest with their Parish Councillors by requesting Zoom invitation from the Clerk. Cllrs: G. Price (Chairman), C. Dahn, D. Edwards, E. James, B. Norgrove, I. Powell, D. Powell,

M. Vigar, T. Whiteman                                                                              

Wendy Richards; Clerk/RFO      stokestmilboroughpc@outlook.com   07813 271 274



Present: Cllrs Price, Norgrove, Vigar, Edwards, I.Powell, Cllr Motley (Shropshire Council), W. Richards (Clerk), 3 members of the public.

  1. Public invited to speak on any issues: Mr and Mrs Baker: They wish to build their forever home, and to care for their elderly mother in Steps House. She has lived there 40yrs, they have lived nearby for 20yrs. Site was previously in Steps House curtilage. They hope to gain Parish Council support.

Public2: General comment on planning applications: The planet is under threat and we must consider private and public gain. Can we consider what our generation has done for the planet. Mr Cornah would be happy to speak with individuals or the committee.

  1. Approval of Absences: Cllr C.Dahn, E.James, T.Whiteman
  2. Declarations of interest: None
  3. Approval of last meetings minutes from 9-7-20: Unanimously approved
  4. Finance: including cheques for Clerks wages, Church donations: Balance £6915.00 Churches include: Hopton for £50, Blackford £50, Stoke £85. Unanimously agreed. Clerks wages £247: agreed.
  5. Planning Application: Reference:  20/03286/OUT  (validated: 14/08/2020)
    Address:  Proposed Dwelling West Of Steps House, Stoke St Milborough, Shropshire
    Proposal:  Outline application (all matters reserved) for the erection of 1No dwelling, garage and installation of septic tank/treatment plant (re-submission)
    Applicant: Mr & Mrs J Baker (Meadow View, Stoke St Milborough, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2EJ)

Plans presented on screen. Cllr Edwards proposes the site is a suitable location within the village. Cllr Norgrove can’t see anything controversial. Cllr Motley: These plans are a direct replica of previous application, the issue is whether the site qualifies as infill. Rules on open market require it to be infill, not open countryside, however it would qualify for affordable housing. The applicant had the right to appeal the refusal rather than re-applying. CS4 was the reason for refusal and this is unaffected by whether it is within curtilage. Cllr Vigar: concerned that it is not infill and if the PC support this when not infill it may set precedents. This was reason for PC objection in Hopton so we need to be consistent. Cllr Norgrove disagrees as this site would not extend the village far whereas Hopton was a greater distance. Cllr I.Powell: wants to support applicant however it is awkward. Cllr Norgrove proposes it doesn’t undermine other situations and when it’s a local family the PC should support them. It doesn’t set any precedents. Cllr Vigar proposes represent, Cllr Norgrove proposes support. Cllr Edwards seconds support, Cllr I.Powells seconds represent. Chair has casting vote: From local point of view he has no issues with it, actually below the well, unlike previous comments. Chair Supports. Support agreed and Clerk to draft comments from minutes and will email to Cllrs for approval. Agreed.

  1. Highways; including Potholes: Cllr Edwards questions the edge of the road near the new builds in stoke Village. Clerk to action.
  2. Correspondence: Pel Begar farm has planning permission granted. Shropshire Housing stratergy sent a draft. Many Covid19 updates are being posted on the website. Road closure from Furlong cottage to Hopton Cangeford Junction 5th Nov. Problems with Dog Thefts so please be vigilant. Footpath subsidence from Stoke Church: reported to Shropshire Council via Cllr Motley. Shropshire Fire and Rescue draft integrated risk management plan 2021-25 survey: Clerk to action: Agreed. Exemption from external audit confirmed. Connecting Shropshire update on website: includes list of local providers. Aspire 4u: free therapy for 14-25yr olds: added to website.
  3. Items of consideration for the next meeting:
  4. Date of next meeting: Thurs 15th Oct. 2020. 8pm via zoom.

Thanks given to attendees and Cllr Motley. There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:00