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Clinical navigators - Telephone triage

Clinical navigators - an announcement from Two Rivers Medical Partnership

New Service to triage peoples’ requests for a same day urgent appointment.

We would like to announce that from March 13th we have reorganised our team to be able to triage peoples’ requests for a same day urgent appointment.

We have successfully piloted telephone triage for same day urgent appointments over the previous few weeks.

Patients who are unwell or feel they need to be seen urgently are advised to call at 8am each morning as before to either Derrydown Clinic (01264 738368) or Whitchurch Surgery ( 01256 212311).

NOTE: We need to reiterate that there will no longer be a walk-in service at the Derrydown site.

The real benefits for patients in our community are they have quicker access to a clinician to help navigate them to either advice on the phone or to the right clinician in the appropriate time frame. Our team of clinicians will benefit from being better equipped to prioritise patients with the greatest need.

Our patient group have already finalised a patient survey but we will again of course be seeking feedback from patients on this improvement project.

Best wishes

Two Rivers Medical Partnership